Tait's Paper Mill - circa 1914 The Inverurie Paper Mill

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The story of the Tait’s Paper Mill in Inverurie from 1852 to 2009

Sadly, on the l3th April 1970, William met an untimely death - one very dark morning, whilst walking into the Paper Mill, a lorry going to collect paper, knocked him down. His passing was a great blow to his family and to all his employees at the Paper Mill, who had prospered under his direction. Williams’s son Thomas who had taken a keen interest in paper making as a boy, had been sent at the age of 18, to carry out his apprenticeship at Wiggins Teape in Cardiff.


But at the tender age of 21, following his father’s sudden death, Thomas immediately took on the responsibility as Chairman and Managing Director, and along with the Board of Directors, achieved over the next 30 years, the largest expansion in the Paper Mill’s history.














As well as running the Paper Mill, Thomas was a School Inspector, Justice of the Peace, and made many other contributions to the local community. He was also known for being quite a character !


However, this sometimes meant that insufficient time was devoted to running the Paper Mill and by the time his son William took over in the early years of the 2nd World War, the Company was almost bankrupt. William Tait, being a very astute Chartered Accountant, quickly had the Paper Mill humming by cutting costs, thus enabling a vast amount of re-investment to take place.


In 1967 a new Paper Machine PM 3 was ordered from Bertram’s Ltd., Sciennes, Edinburgh at a cost of

£1 million.


PM 3, together with a new stock preparation plant, was housed in a new building. The design and layout of PM 3 resulted in a fully automated system, extending from the initial stock preparation, right through to the machine reel-up.


The installation incorporated up-to-date equipment, making it amongst the most modern of its type in the World in 1968.


Wire Width of PM 3 was 124 inches with a maximum speed of 950 ft per minute, and produced 30,000 tonnes of high quality Esparto paper per year.


On the 31st December 1969 the Loco Works closed, making the Paper Mill the areas biggest employer.







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Tait Paper Mill
circa 1905 William Tate Thomas Tait ( Founder ) Thomas Tait OBE Contact
So Thomas, like his forefathers, invested heavily in Thomas Tait & Sons Limited, visiting America, Canada, Germany etc., looking for the latest machinery to maximize throughput, and minimize costs.